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Website redesign

Welcome to my new and improved website, displaying more photographs than was possible before. Most of these are currently available as limited edition prints in the studio gallery; others I print to order. There is also a news / blog here which I should be able to update more easily and where you can comment if you wish. Please do let me know if you spot any glitches in the site. Thank you.

Cyanotype: Broken chords

Work with Polaroid having rekindled my attraction to photochemistry, I’m now experimenting with cyanotype and planning to make a limited number of smaller prints using this process. Something blue should be available after we’ve had a bit more of the sunshine upon which cyanotype depends.

Polaroid trees

Endings is a new series of Polaroid photographs that marks both the loss of street trees felled in Sheffield’s controversial highways maintenance project, and the end of the age of instant peel-apart film.

Because this analogue process does not deliver negatives each photograph is unique, measuring 3¼x4¼ inches, framed and mounted with old-school photo corners, signed on the mount and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Photo book now available

A new edition of my photo book, re-titled Paul Schatzberger: Photographs 1988 – 2015 is now available to order.  Individually printed, 80 pages 30x30cm, 68 high quality reproductions, signed by the artist. £75.