Paul Schatzberger — fine art photography


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Great pictures

NB, May 2018


RW, May 2018

Love it Paul

DM, May 2018

Just wanted to thank you and say what a great photo it is

JC, April 2018

Excellent photo thank you

JB, March 2018

J very pleased with the pictures Paul

AB, February 2018

Love it...

CB, February 2018

Really good and inspiring super work... your splendid photographs Paul.

NO, January 2018

I'm very delighted with the picture

JS, December 2017

Really loved the work

LC, November 2017

I really recommend this Walkley based photographer, I just bought an amazingly beautiful photo from his gallery :-)

TD, October 2017

Many, many thanks again – very much appreciated.

CD, June 2017

I love the picture.

CL, March 2017

...the beautiful realism of your photographs

CW, November 2016

Thanks so much...beautiful

ES, October 2016

D. loves the picture!

KG, September 2016

These new works look really interesting

BC, August 2016

Lovely pic

KB, August 2016

Wow, what a photo!

JE, August 2016

Very much taken by the B+W photos

GP, June 2016


KW, April 2016

Excellent work in photographic documentation

LH, October 2015

Amazing work

AG, August 2015

Love this photograph – magical

KB, August 2015

What a great photo. I really like it

PH, August 2015

Beautiful, moving – thank you

HC, May 2015

Brilliant eye for detail

UG, May 2015


CL, May 2015

Amazing work

SO, May 2015

I wanted to say a big thank you for the's beautiful

HG, March 2015

A lovely exhibition

CB, February 2015

Thank you SO much for the images...they are BRILLIANT

NP, February 2015

Your picture...draws comment regularly

IB, December 2014

A great picture

RS, December 2014

One of Sheffield's finest photographers

KS, December 2014

These are wonderful pictures

MC, October 2014

Love your work

SC, September 2014

...a wonderful exhibition...symbolic, evocative, haunting, questioning...

DB, September 2014

... the New York photo has gotten a lot of comments. Everyone seems to find something to love about it.

AS, May 2014

Incredible photography!

FH, May 2014

Wow! What great photos

PH, May 2014

The photograph is stunning!

TJ, May 2014

Your pictures were amazing and some very moving

JD, May 2014

I enjoy the atmospheric tone of your photographs

CV, April 2014

The prints look great

JM, February 2014

Your work is wonderful

JD, February 2014

...lovely absolute beauty

ES, February 2014

Many visitors to our home are much impressed by the photo

JM, January 2014

Great presentation

AZ, November 2013

What a fabulous picture

EA, October 2013 of my all time favourites...

KC, October 2013

What an amazing photograph

NO, September 2013

Great images

KB, June 2013

a brilliant photograph

GN, May 2013

wonderful work

VN, March 2013

I love it

AR, February 2013's gorgeous!

KJ, January 2013

absolutely lovely

CL, November 2012

What an amazingly beautiful photograph

KB, October 2012

Photos are brilliant

WP, October 2012

Paul, this is a beautiful photo!

CW, October 2012

Best in Show

MW, October 2012

...what an inspiration...I love your photography...

SR, October 2012

A fantastic photographer

JL, October 2012

I cannot thank you enough for the superlative photos

NO, August 2012


MK, May 2012

Enjoyed your photos

JK, March 2012

Fantastic photo!

DA, March 2012

Much very positive feedback

KT, March 2012

"...thrilled with the photograph"

KJ, March 2012


SC, March 2012

"Best show yet"

MT, January 2012

...really happy with "Central Park", looks perfect in our lounge

CC, December 2011

I'm delighted with them – they are really beautiful...

LL, November 2011

...very pleased...special...

CH, November 2011 looks lovely! In fact, better to say inspired!

MS, October 2011

Your...picture looks wonderful

SO, October 2011

We are delighted with your photograph

FO, September 2011

...the photo...was a great success.

JP, August 2011

The photographs...are beautiful

KJ, July 2011

Thanks very much for the photo - I LOVE IT!

SR, June 2011

The photo works really well.

RB, May 2011

Great photo!

JC, March 2011

...your image...looked tremendous.

SB, February 2011

Absolutely delighted with your fabulous picture.

AS, October 2010

An inspiration to us all.

AR, August 2010

Your contribution went an enormous way to making the day a great success.

SB, July 2010

...achieved precisely what a good photographer should.

YG, June 2010

The picture is really excellent.

Leica Fotografie International, Feb 2010

...what amazing photography...

CP, Jan 2010

...marvellous and moving pictures.

DB, Jan 2010

...the exhibition...was stunning as well as thought provoking...

MS, Nov 2009

Breath taking photography.

LS, Oct 2009

I'm so impressed... Absolutely gorgeous. Really splendid.

JG, Oct 2009

Photos so beautiful. It's a must see.

CB, Oct 2009.

...found your photos really inspirational.

JD, Aug 2009

You really are a fabulous photographer. People keep telling me what a great portrait it is.

PS, June 2009

Your work is stunning and gave me a wonderful sense of peace.

LT, Mar 2008